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Valve engineer explains Steambox comments: 'No current plans to announce anything in 2013'

By Ben Gilbert When Valve hardware engineer Ben Krasnow gave a speech at a German technology conference back in December, he spoke to the much ballyhooed “Steambox” concept we’ve been hearing so much about in recent months (among other, vastly different subjects). Following that speech, a report on (translated at the Neogaf gaming forums) […]

Gigabyte announces support for Intel Collage in Z77 motherboards, invites you to make a DIY 4K display

By Sean Buckley Running a PC with a Gigabyte motherboard, dual Thunderbolt ports and four monitors? You might want to consider revising that NVIDIA Surround setup into makeshift 4k display. Gigabyte has announced that it will soon be issuing updates for its Z77 motherboards to include support for Intel Collage technology, allowing users to split […]