Intel wants your next computer to be like a Kinect

By Rosa GolijanDuring their press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Monday, Intel executives placed an emphasis on perceptual computing. They want your next computer to have “senses.” Computers might gain these senses — the ability to offer gesture, voice, and  face recognition — thanks to a small accessory or by having the necessary components built […]

4iiii unveils Viiiiva heart rate monitor that wirelessly links to your iPhone or smartwatch

By Steve Dent So, you’ve been monitoring virtually every aspect of your athletic performance and tweeting it to the world, but not your heartrate or other basic performance factors? Apparently that just won’t do, sport-o, so 4iiii has announced the chest-worn Viiiiva monitor. That’ll let you add those indicators to sportwatches from the likes of […]

Sprint adds Windows Phone 8 this summer

By Suzanne ChoneySprint will bring two Windows Phone 8 devices, one each from Samsung and HTC, to its offerings by this summer. It’s the last major U.S. carrier to add smartphones with Microsoft’s newest mobile operating system to its portfolio. The company made the announcement with Microsoft at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Monday. Both […]