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President Trump Faces a Moment of Truth as Comey Testifies

By Zeke J Miller President Trump’s presidency is set to face its toughest test yet Thursday, as James Comey, the former FBI Director, testifies before Congress about the conversations that led to his unceremonious firing last month. In his prepared testimony, posted online by the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday afternoon, Comey will disclose efforts by […]

Trump violated Twitter users’ First Amendment rights when he blocked them – lawyers

By RT A legal group wants President Donald Trump to unblock users from his Twitter account, arguing that his account constitutes a “designated public forum.” Blocking individuals is, therefore, a violation of constitutional rights, the lawyers claim. Read Full Article at Source:: Trump violated Twitter users’ First Amendment rights when he blocked them – […]

Lawyers claim Trump can't block his critics on Twitter

While we withhold the right to moderate and maintain standards of discussion in our comments because they are a private space, does the President of the United States have a different standard to meet? The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia… Source:: Lawyers claim Trump can’t block his critics on Twitter

Amazon opens up Twitch Prime's ad-free streaming worldwide

Twitch Prime subscriptions are more than a little handy. If you already have Amazon Prime, it lets you watch your favorite game stream ad-free (and support a favorite streamer) at no extra charge. However, it’s only been available in a handful of c… Source:: Amazon opens up Twitch Prime’s ad-free streaming worldwide

Mexico Seeks to Extradite a Former Governor Accused of Corruption After His Arrest in Panama

By Associated Press (PANAMA CITY) — A fugitive Mexican ex-governor wanted for alleged corruption in connection with the sale of state properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars was arrested in Panama and faces possible extradition, authorities said Monday. Mexican federal prosecutors said Roberto Borge, who was governor of Quintana Roo from 2011 to 2016, […]