Bring GOP Right-Wingers And Pragmatists Together On Obamacare -- By Making Premiums Affordable

By Avik Roy, Forbes Staff Thursday was a wild day in Obamacare-land, with vote cancellations, last-minute amendments, CBO analyses, and Presidential ultimatums. But the most surprising development of all was this: a way has emerged to get both hard-line and pragmatic conservatives to support the American Health Care Act. Source:: Bring GOP Right-Wingers And Pragmatists […]

China's Bullying Of South Korea May Have Unanticipated Costs

By Douglas Bulloch, Contributor In Asian regional politics, the default bad guy is usually Japan. South Korea and China both share deep historical scars that can flare up with the slightest provocation. But China’s recent actions may cost their reputation and ‘soft power’ far more than it has anticipated. Source:: China’s Bullying Of South Korea […]

The Biggest Obstacle to Repealing Obamacare: Conservatives

By Sam Frizell For seven years, arch-conservative Republican lawmakers vowed more vociferously than anyone to repeal the Affordable Care Act. In the end, they were the biggest thing standing in its way. Late on Thursday night, members of the hard-right House Freedom Caucus huddled for a soul-searching meeting in a congressional office south of the […]

The Six Worst Ways To Brand Yourself

By Liz Ryan, Contributor Personal branding is hard. It’s not a trivial thing to describe yourself in words. Here are the six worst personal branding choices — and the best branding choice of all! Source:: The Six Worst Ways To Brand Yourself