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Top 20 Languages by Number of Languages Spoken

Data source: Ethnologue: Languages  of the World, 15th ed. (2005) & CIA World Fact Book. Country # of languages % of world                   languages Official or national language(s) Total population (July 2005 est.) 1. Papua New Guinea 820 11.86% Hiri Motu, Tok Pisin,                   English 5,545,268 2. Indonesia 742 10.73% Indonesian 241,973,879 3. Nigeria 516 […]

ISO Layers and Protocols

  The ISO–OSI 7 layer Reference Model (officially known as ISO Standard 7498, 1984, 7498-1:1994. and CCITT standard X.200) was developed by the Internet Architecture Board and drafted by the IETF. Memonic ISO-OSI Layers Microsoft TCP/IP Protocol All 7. Application Layer Processes using ports within sockets API (Applications Programming Interface) 4. Application messages or streams […]