Touring the World’s Waves in Style with @sageerickson

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Sage Erickson’s (@sageerickson) life as a professional surfer takes her to all corners of the globe in search of the best waves. “I’m so unbelievably blessed to travel the world—I’ve witnessed firsthand so many amazing cultures, beliefs and ways of living,” Sage says. “As humans, we each have a unique eye for certain things that appeal or inspire us daily. I find inspiration in these cultures and I like to share images from my trips.”

In addition to sharing scenes from her favorite beaches—she recommends photographing Mundaka in the Basque country, Mentawai in Indonesia and Whale Beach in Australia—Sage also explores a passion for style on Instagram, sharing her own bohemian, surf-style looks and tuning into favorite fashion designers, bloggers and artists.

Here are some Instagrammers who inspire Sage:

  • Courtney Trop (@alwaysjudging) – “Rad style, groovy as can be. She has such an effortless way about her with edge. I’m all about harsh lines, bold prints and she’s from California so I feel like she’s a kindred spirit.”
  • CrystalLee Farris (@crystallee_farris) – “I love incorporating suburban style into my wardrobe! I’m originally from a small town inland so I have a connection with the country—an opposite environment from my now constant hours spent at the beach.”
  • Maurie & Eve (@maurieandeve) – “I love everything about this Australia-based brand!”

Source: Touring the World’s Waves in Style with @sageerickson