Internet Society
Internet Society

07 December 2012

The Internet Society releases the following statement from President and CEO Lynn St. Amour
“The Internet Society is a strong proponent of openness, transparency, and collaboration.  Actions that disrupt these principles and impact dialogue or collaboration are counterproductive to an open and globally accessible Internet.

The World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) is an important event that the Internet Society hopes will contribute to greater connectivity and growth in international telecommunications.  We have openly expressed our significant reservations about some of the proposals at WCIT, and this does not shake our foundational belief that an open dialogue between a broad spectrum of stakeholders around the world is the best way to ensure the continuation of the Internet’s growth and evolution.

Currently, numerous media reports suggest that attacks are being planned against the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) website to disrupt the WCIT proceedings in Dubai. Such actions would be wholly counterproductive, making it more difficult to have the kind of collaboration and thoughtful discussions that are needed at this critical point.
We urge everyone to take positive action to have their voices heard, not to restrict the very medium that amplifies that voice. Show your support, and help our collective cause by contributing constructively to a global conversation.
Share this message across your social media channels, so that everyone’s voice is heard:

The Internet is open and should include #Everyone

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