The ISOOSI 7 layer Reference Model (officially known as ISO Standard 7498, 1984, 7498-1:1994. and CCITT standard X.200) was developed by the Internet Architecture Board and drafted by the IETF.

Memonic ISO-OSI Layers Microsoft TCP/IP Protocol
All on this page 7. Application Layer Processes using ports within sockets API (Applications Programming Interface) 4. Application messages or streams HTTP, S/MIME, Winsock, FTP, NCP, RPC, MS-SMB, MS-CAPIanother page on this site, SET, WAE
People on this page 6. Presentation Layer
Encoding and Formatting
File System Drivers: Network clients using Network File, print, & messaging services DNS, TFTP, DHCP, BOOTP, SNMPanother page on this site, RLOGIN, SMTP, MIME, NFS, FINGER, Telnet, XDR
Seem on this page 5. Session Layer
Channels of communication
NetBIOS/NBT, LPP of X.700 CMIP( CMOT/), Apple


To on this page 4. Transport Layer Sequence & divide/re-combine packets to assure reliability of connections TDI (Transport Driver “Device” Interface) 3. Transport of protocol packets NetBEUI, DLC, SPX/ NWLink, TCP, UDP, RARP, SOCKS, SSL3/ TLS1, PCT, SChannel, WTLS, WDP
Need on this page 3. Network Layer
Addressing & Routinganother page on this site Datagrams through routersanother page on this site
NDIS (Network Driver Interface Spec) 2. Internet IP datagrams IP, ICMP, IGMP, ARP, RTMP, IPX/ NWLink, ODI, NLSP, IPSec AH, ESP, & IKE, QoS, BAP?
Data on this page 2. Data Link Layer
802 sublayers:
1. Logical Link Control (LLC) and
2. MAC sublayer through switchesanother page on this site
Physical (Network Interface Cards/Adapters) 1. Network Access Interface frames map logical IP addresses to physical addresses of devices. RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, ATM, OSPF, SLIP, PPP, PPTP, L2TP, HDLC X.25 Frame Relay
Processing on this page 1. Physical Layer
Bits over transmission media cablesanother page on this site



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