Unveiling the Unexpected Beauty of an Empty Soccer Stadium

For more unique images of the Estadio Nacional in Chile explore the hashtag #emptycopaamerica on Instagram. For more action from the Copa America, explore the hashtag #copaamerica2015.

(These interviews were conducted in Spanish.)

Soccer stadiums are full of passion, roars and cheers, unless they are empty. That’s when magic happens.

A few hours before the long-awaited Copa America (@copaamericachile2015) final between Chile and Argentina, the Estadio Nacional (National Stadium) in Santiago, Chile showed a different face to a group of Instagrammers. “You see this place completely empty, in silence, as if it was dormant, but you know it’ll awake soon,” says Tomás Westenenk Orrengo (@t_w_o), a Chilean architect who took part in #emptycopaamerica, an opportunity to greet and meet the stadium’s history with no one around.

“Every corridor and aisle, it’s like a big labyrinth that can take you to unexpected places, so I was inventing memories in my head. In the end, I was able to stop seeing it as a stadium and was able to defragment all of its elements as artistic pieces that produce and communicate different feelings,” adds Alberto Siredey (@asiredey), a designer from the Chilean capital.

Source:: Unveiling the Unexpected Beauty of an Empty Soccer Stadium