• 802.19: Wireless Coexistence
    Join the members of IEEE Standards 802.19 as they discuss the meaning and applications of wireless coexistence.
  • 802.24: Vertical Applications TAG
    Chris Diminico explains the IEEE Standard 802.24 and Vertical Applications TAG.
  • 802.1: Higher Layer LAN Protocols
    In this video, members of the IEEE Standards 802.1 working group discuss what 802.1 and higher layer LAN protocols means.
  • 802.22: Wireless Regional Area Networks
    Join the volunteers behind IEEE Standards 802.22 as they explain the value and industry applications of wireless regional area networks.
  • 802.3: Ethernet
    In this video, members of the IEEE Standards 802.3 working group discuss ethernet and its importance to the standards community.
  • What is 802?
    What is 802 and why is it important? Join the members of 802 working groups in this explanatory video to find out why 802 standards are a vital to the advancement of technology today.
  • Why Participate in Standards Development?
    Why are standards important, and what drives engineers to choose to work with standards? Join the members of IEEE Standards working groups as they discuss the value of working in standards.

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