Traveling and Tracking Fashion Trends with @bekleidet

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Being a full-time fashion blogger doesn’t mean you have to choose one personal style. Jana Wind (@bekleidet) from Münster, Germany is proof.

“It would be a pity to confine myself to only one style,” she says. “I love to change my clothes as often as my mood, which is every hour.”

She’s switching up her location constantly too. For the past two years, Jana has been traveling to discover — and write about — trends around the world. Her favorite places include Morocco, where she gets inspired by crowded souks, spices and mosaics, and New York City during Fashion Week, in all its hectic glory. Fans help her with the cool-hunting too. Jana says, “It’s like having thousands of style advisers giving me new tips.”

Right now, she’s into festival styles as well as grunge and “very clean outfits.” Of course, there are those days when Jana has too many choices. “Sometimes I get inspired – and sometimes I wouldn’t wear any of it,” she says, “But, it’s always fun.”

Source:: Traveling and Tracking Fashion Trends with @bekleidet

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