WordPress for Tanalepy.NetWelcome to my site.

This is the first installation of  WordPress (WP) new version. The next installation for   other domain will be executed soon.

The installation process has taken longer than expected due to the database issue.  The issue was caused  by unsynchronized database with its credential.

The process was included but not limited to:

  • Studied the installation manual.
  • Created database.
  • Installed WP frontend, and
  • Created documentation.

However the installation process took approximatively a few minutes to complete.

The new version of WP, which allows end-user to view, edit, post and update blogs via mobile devices was outstanding.

When visiting this site via mobile devices, the mobile browser agent will direct the request  to mobile version website. Otherwise, a feedback may be submitted to resolve the issue by contacting the web admin via Contact link.  And your effort to do so will be appreciated.

Thank you for visiting this site and have a wonderful journey.

H Tanalepy.-

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