Fewer Americans Have Herpes, But the Number is Still High

By Alexandra Sifferlin A new federal report reveals some good news about herpes: fewer Americans are getting the virus. However, nearly half of American adults have the first type of herpes simplex virus. According to the new findings, released Wednesday by the National Center of Health Statistics (NCHS)—part of the Centers for Disease Control and […]

President Trump’s Military Parade Is Likely to be a Logistical Nightmare for Planners

By W.J. Hennigan Eager to show off American military might, President Donald Trump has tasked Pentagon planners to design an attention-grabbing parade in the nation’s capital bristling with warplanes, hulking vehicles, and marching uniformed service members. “President Trump is incredibly supportive of America’s great service members who risk their lives every day to keep our […]

Streaming ESPN Plus launches this spring for $4.99

As Disney announced its quarterly earnings results today, CEO Bob Iger told CNBC that the company plans to price its standalone streaming version of ESPN at $4.99 per month. We’ve already heard that ESPN Plus will include “10,000 live regional, natio… Source:: Streaming ESPN Plus launches this spring for $4.99