As Puerto Rico Struggles With Lack of Drinking Water, Residents Turn to Toxic Waste Sites

By Timothy Gardner / Reuters (WASHINGTON) – The U.S. environmental regulator warned residents of Puerto Rico on Wednesday not to break into wells at industrial waste sites as parts of the island still struggle with drinking water shortages three weeks after Hurricane Maria hit. “There are reports of residents obtaining, or trying to obtain, drinking […]

Twitch's new channels are all about funny viral clips

Twitch is becoming more and more well-rounded with every announcement. It hosted various marathons just this year, including Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. In another bid to break free from its established image as a streaming p… Source:: Twitch’s new channels are all about funny viral clips

Joe Biden Condemns Harvey Weinstein For ‘Disgusting, Immoral’ Misconduct

By Casey Quackenbush Former Vice President Joe Biden condemned Harvey Weinstein during a speech Wednesday, calling his behavior “disgusting” and “immoral” following a string of sexual harassment allegations against the Hollywood mogul. “My father taught me that the greatest sin that could be committed was the abuse of power, whether it was mental, physical, or […]