New OLED gadget: Samsung Galaxy A8

By Ron Mertens The Galaxy A8 is Samsung’s slimmest smartphone ever at 5.9 mm (it weighs just 151 grams). It features a 5.7″ Full-HD AMOLED display, 8-core CPU, 16mp camera and 2GB of RAM. The A8 will launch for China at around $550, we do not know when it will arrive in other countries. Source:: […]

Twitch's 'Choice Chamber' is here, will make you hate your viewers

By Timothy J. Seppala Ah simpler, pre-internet, times: when screwing up someone’s perfect game was as easy as “accidentally” tripping over those absurdly short controller wires during a pal’s perfect Sonic The Hedgehog run. Choice Chamber, the first title funded by game-b… Source:: Twitch’s ‘Choice Chamber’ is here, will make you hate your viewers