Russian hackers scooped up the President's unclassified email

By Jon Fingas Russian hackers may have had more success in breaching the White House network than first thought. New York Times sources understand that intruders who got into the White House’s unclassified systesm managed to collect some of President Obama’s email… Source:: Russian hackers scooped up the President’s unclassified email

Russian, US diplomats honor WWII victory together

By RT US and Russian tensions were briefly forgotten as diplomats from both countries honored World War II veterans. They took part in a joint wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, marking the anniversary of the “Meeting at the Elbe.”Read Full Article at Source:: Russian, US diplomats honor WWII victory together

Portland unbans UberX

By Andrew Tarantola Citing violations of its hired transportation rules, the city of Portland, OR sued Uber last December and temporarily halted the ridesharing company’s operations within city limits. Now, after months of haggling with civic and community leaders, Uber… Source:: Portland unbans UberX