Your dreams of an arrow-shaped road car are still alive

By Jon Fingas Don’t give up hope for the arrow-like car of your childhood fantasies just because Nissan has shelved its BladeGlider EV — you may get your wish after all. DeltaWing (which is backed by motorsports giant Don Panoz) has filed for two patents on two “… Source:: Your dreams of an arrow-shaped road […]

How would you change Nokia's Lumia 1320?

By Daniel Cooper Nokia’s Lumia 1320 was the underpowered sibling of the 1520, which had the same screen and battery but little else. If you wanted a 6-inch device but couldn’t afford the premium edition, then you were stuck with this device, but was that a problem? A… Source:: How would you change Nokia’s Lumia […]

Amazon's grocery service stops delivering beer and wine

By Jon Fingas We hope you weren’t counting on AmazonFresh to stock up on alcohol for your next big party. GeekWire reports that beer and wine have vanished from the internet grocery service without either a warning or any indication as to whether or not the booze … Source:: Amazon’s grocery service stops delivering beer […]