'Skullgirls' on PS4 will let you brawl with your PS3 friends

By Jon Fingas If you were quick to buy a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’ve probably had that horrible moment when you realized that your friends with last-generation systems couldn’t join you in online games. You won’t have to leave them behind when Skullgirls arr… Source:: ‘Skullgirls’ on PS4 will let you brawl with […]

Jamstik+ is a backpack-friendly 'smart guitar'

By James Trew The first time I encountered Jamstik, a guitar controller for Mac and iOS, was at CES 2013. Zivix — the team behind the product — came to our trailer and gave us a demo. That was a prototype, which eventually got crowdfunded and did pretty well as … Source:: Jamstik+ is a […]