​IMF policies in Ukraine irresponsible – Ron Paul

By RT The IMF move to extend a bailout to Kiev only serves the US foreign policy agenda and does nothing to save Ukraine from economic meltdown, according to former US presidential candidate Ron Paul, who says the whole system cannot be fixed but only scrapped.Read Full Article at RT.com Source:: ​IMF policies in Ukraine […]

Liquid metal machines 'eat' in order to move

By Jon Fingas Robots typically rely on batteries to get power, but they may soon have to do little more than nibble on another material to start moving. Chinese researchers have developed simple liquid metal machines (not shown here) that zip around if they “eat” … Source:: Liquid metal machines ‘eat’ in order to move

Halo 5 lands on Xbox One this October 27th

By Mat Smith Ready for the next installment of Halo? The bad news is you still have a seven-month wait on your hands, but at least it’s a concrete release date, right? Right? The news coincides with a new in-game teaser for Halo 5, with Master Chief et al. attemp… Source:: Halo 5 lands on […]

How would you change Sony's Xperia Z1?

By Daniel Cooper There’s a familiar theme whenever Engadget reviews a Sony smartphone, which is that the hardware’s great, but not compelling enough to make you buy one. When Sharif Sakr got his hands on the Xperia Z1, he found that the headline feature — that 20 me… Source:: How would you change Sony’s Xperia […]